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Birthday Sentiments
For a Special Man"

Sentiment #SB-001, Sentiment Description The bigger the boys, the bigger the toys.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment #SB-002, Sentiment Description A brother is a friend God gave you.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment #SB-003, Sentiment Description A brother is someone you can lean on.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment #SB-004, Sentiment Description Always my brother, always my friend.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment #SB-005, Sentiment Description I am smiling because you are my brother, I am laughing
because there is nothing you can do about it.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-012, Sentiment Description Be's the one thing you can be.
Happy Birthday


Sentiment #SH-001, Sentiment Description Sending you Christmas Blessings!
Sentiment#SB-034, Sentiment Description Dad... you are my universe.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-035, Sentiment Description I'm as lucky as can be,
For the world's best dad belongs to me.
Happy Birthday


Sentiment#SB-013, Sentiment Description We couldn't have picked a better son.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-015, Sentiment Description Sons are the anchors of a mother's life. Sophocles
Happy Birthday

For A Special Woman


Sentiment #SB-006, Sentiment Description A daughter is the best friend you can have.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment # SB-007, Sentiment Description To have a daughter like you is to know a special kind of joy.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment #SB-008, Sentiment Description Daughter's are special... especially mind.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment #SB-009, Sentiment Description We couldn't have picked a better daughter.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-010, Sentiment Description A girl should be two things...classy and fabulous.
You are both. Coco Channel
Happy Birthday

Sentiment #SB-011, Sentiment Description Be you.. it's the one thing you can be.
Happy Birthday


Sentiment#SB-014, Sentiment Description You brighten my day.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-016, Sentiment Description Wishing you every happiness
this special day brings.
Have a wonderful Birthday!

Sentiment#SB-017, Sentiment Description A sister is a special kind of friend.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-018, Sentiment Description Sisters share a love tied with heartstrings.
Happy Birthday


Sentiments#SB-019, Sentiment Description A day full of laughter and love.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-0038, Sentiment Description Happy Birthday (stamped)

Sentiment#SB-038, Sentiment Description Happy, Happy Birthday (stamped)

Sentiment#SB-020, Sentiment Description A pocket full of birthday wishes.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-021, Sentiment Description All aboard the birthday express.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-022, Sentiment Description Another year older...and better.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-023, Sentiment Description Hope your day is filled with love and laughter.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-024, Sentiment Description Make a wish and blow out your candles! Just don't pass out!
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-025, Sentimment Description May today be filled with

all the things you've wishing for
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday


Sentiment #SB-026, Sentiment Description One year older and cuter too! Happy Birthday to you!

Sentiment#SB-027, Sentiment Description One year older my little one,
Life for you has just begun!
Blow the candles; wish away
You're the superstar of the day!
Happy Birthday


Sentiments #SB0-28, Sentiment Description A grandfather is someon with silver in his hair and gold in his heart.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-029, Sentiment Description A grandpa is someone you never outgrow your need for.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-030, Sentiment Description Grandfathers are for loving, catching fish and fixing things.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-031,Sentiment Description A grandma fills the world with love.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-032, Sentiment Description A grandmother is a mother who has a second chance.
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-033, Sentiment Description A grandmother's heart is a patchwork of love
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-034, Sentiment Description
Hope your birthday is something special,
just like you!

Sentiment#SB-035, Sentiment Description
Best wishes on Your Birthday Have a Great Day!

Sentiment#SB-36, Sentiment Description
May today be filled with
all the things you're wishing for.
Happy Birthday Belated Birthday

Sentiment#SB-036, Sentiment Description I didn't forget your birthday. I just wanted to help extend
the celebrations
Happy Birthday

Sentiments#SB-037, Sentiment Description It's your fault I forgot your birthday, you never look any older!
Happy Birthday

Sentiment#SB-0038, Sentiment Description
May all your wishes come true.
Happy Birthday! Get Well

Sentiment#SG-001, Sentiment Description Here's a cup of sunshine just for you.
Get Well

Sentiment#SG-002, Sentiment Description Laughter is the instant vacation from pain.

Sentiment#SG-03, Sentiment Description Sending cheerful thoughts to brighten your day.

Sentiment#SG-04, Sentiment Description Wishing you sunshine, daisies, and brighter days ahead.

Thank You

Sentiment# ST-001, Sentiment Description For all you are, for all you do...than you.

Sentiment#ST-002, Sentiment Description I just can't thank you enough.

Sentiment#ST-003, Sentiment Description How thoughtful! thanks so much.

Sentiment#ST-004, Sentiment Description Thank you for always being by my side.

Sentiment#ST-005, Sentiment Description Thank you for believing in me.


Sentiment#SF-001,Sentiment Description A friend is one who opens the door to home and heat.

Sentiment#SF-002, Sentiment Description You make life a little sweeter.

Sentiment#SF-003, Sentiment Description Heart to heart we'll always be,
Best friends, you and me.

Sentiment#SF-004, Sentiment Description Best buddies...pals...friends.

Wedding Sentiments

Sentiments#SW-001, Sentiment Description And two became one.

Sentiments#SW-002, Sentiment Description Side by side, hand in hand, heart to heart.

Sentiment#SW-003, Sentiment Description Warmest wishes on your wedding day.

Sentiment#SW-004, Sentiment Description Wishing you love and laughter forever after

Anniversary Sentiments

Sentiment#SA-001, Sentiment Description Each day is anniversary with you.
Happy Anniversary

Sentiment#SA-002, Sentiment Desciption Each day I fall more in love with you.
Happy Anniversary

Sentiment#SA-003, Sentiment Description My husband,my wife,my friend. My life. My love.
Happy Anniversary

Sentiment#SW-004, Sentiment Description A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust,
partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. The order
varies for any given year. ----Paul Sweeney
Happy Anniversary

Sentiment#SW-005, Sentiment Description A time to celebrate the beauty, the gift, and the
blessing of enduring love.
Happy Anniversary

Sentiment#SW-006, Sentiment Description A celebration of love as bright and enduring as silver.
(25th Anniversary) Happy Anniversary

Sentiment#SW-007, Sentiment Description 50 years of sharing happy years and tough times make
a marriage stronger and more valuable thanpure gold.
Happy Anniversary

Baby Sentiments

Sentiment #SBY-001, Sentiment Description A baby is a blessing, a gift of heaven above,
A precious little angel, to cherish, and to love.

Sentiment #SBY-002, Sentiment Description A gift is a gift from heaven above,
Bringing joy down to earth, filing hearts with love

Sentiment #SBY-003, Sentiment Description Welcome to the world, a baby girl.

Sentiment #SBY-004, Sentiment Description Welcome to the world, a baby boy.

Sentiment #SBY-005, Sentiment Description You've got the cutest little baby face.

Sentiment#SBY-006, Sentiment Description Count your blessings two by two.

Sentiment #SBY-007, Sentiment Description Not double trouble, but twice blessed.

Sentiment# SBY-008, Sentiment Description The sweetest things come in 3's.

Sentiment# SBY-009, Sentiment Description Little girls,have a magic all their own.

Sympathy Sentiments

Sentiment#SS-001, Sentiment Description Caring about your sorrow and remembering you in
my prayers.

Sentiment#SS-002, Sentiment Description Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.
----Thomas Moore

Sentiment#SS-003, Sentiment Description I hope you know how much I care.

Sentiment#SS-004, Sentiment Description I want to comfort you and don't know where to
begin....but if I could take away the pain, I would.

Sentiment#SS-005, Sentiment Description May God's peace and strength shelter you in this
time of sorrow.

Sentiment#SS-006, Sentiment Description May the beautiful memories that fill your heart help bring
you comfort.

Sentiment#SS-007, Sentiment Description Our family grieves for loss in yours, and we send our love.

Special Occasions


Sentiment#SSO-001, Sentiment Description There are no goodbyes among friends.

Missing You

Sentiment#SSO-002, Sentiment Description Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Sentiment#SSO-003, Sentiment Description Hope everythings' going well in your corner of
the world!


Valentine's Day

Sentiment#SH-001, Sentiment Description You have my heart in my hand.
Happy Valentine's Day

Sentiment#SH-002, Sentiment Description A kiss and a hug on this of love.
Happy Valentine's Day

Sentiment#SH-003, Sentiment Description The best gifts are always tied with heartsrtring.
Happy Valentine's Day

Sentiment#SH-004, Sentiment Description Right from the start you stole my heart.
Happy Valentine's Day



May God gently
touch your Christmas
with Hope and Joy
and Love.


Sentiment #HC-003
May all your
Christmas Wishes
come true!

Sentiment #HC-004
Greetings of the Season
and Best Wishes
for the New Year!

May the spirit of
the season warm your
heart all year long

Wishing you a very
Merry Christmas
with Hope and Joy
and Love.

the joys of
are found in moments

wishing you lots of
love this Christmas.

May your Christmas
be sprinkled with
Laughter and Love

May the beauty of the season
bring you joy and warm memories
to cherish throughout the year.

Merry Christmas

Peace on Earth
and Best Wishes
throughout the New Year

Have a magical
Holiday Season

May your Season
be Filled with
Love and Laughter

the joys of
are found in moments
shared together.

Seasons Greetings
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